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Devon Gilfillian fires twin barrels of gospel-blues and southern soul on his debut EP. Fueled by groove, guitar, and the powerful punch of Gilfillian's voice, the songs shine a light on a young songwriter who grew up outside of Philadelphia, absorbing everything from the R&B swagger of Al Green and Ray Charles to the rock & roll heroics of Jimi Hendrix. Now based in Nashville, Gilfillian puts a personalized stamp on those childhood influences, rolling them into five original songs that showcase not only his songwriting and singing, but also his talent as an instrumentalist. 

Raised by a musical family, Gilfillian grew up singing. He took up the electric guitar at 14 years old, kickstarting a fascination with classic rock and other sounds from an older generation. By the time college rolled around, Gilfillian was playing three-hour shows in a local cover band, performing songs by the Meters one minute and the Beatles the next. The gigs allowed him to explore the full range of his influences, but Gilfillian wanted to play his own music, too. With that in mind, he moved to Nashville, eager to chase down his own muse. 

Released in May 2016, the self-titled Devon Gilfillian finds him stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist. He recorded the songs with a small group of friends and collaborators, tapping drummer Jonathan Smalt and slide guitarist Jesse Thompson as co-producers. Equal parts swampy, funky, and enthralling, the record finds Gilfillian planting one foot in the classic sound of his influences, with the other foot pointing somewhere new and uncharted. After all, he's no revivalist. No nostalgia act. No retro wannabe. Instead, Gilfillian is a classic artist for the modern age, discovering new life in soulful sounds that have been making people dance for decades.

Published on Aug 11, 2016

Devon Gilfillian performs "Here and Now" at the Family Wash in East Nashville. Gilfillian performed as part of the American Songwriter and ReverbNation CONNECT "Discover" concert series. 

Video shot and edited by Neal Dahlgren.

Gilfillian performing his original song "Home" featuring Jeff Carl

Video shot and edited by Ryan Carl


  • "Gilfillian and his band, complete with brass and backup singers, brought down the house with their soulful performance. A highlight of their set was the funky tune “Here and Now,” a standout cut from Gilfillian’s 2016 self-titled EP." - American Songwriter - Click HERE for more!
  • "Devon Gilfillian‘s music is like comfort food from a new friend. It hits you in that knowing and familiar place. As such, it is instantly recognizable but with that new flavor, that little twist, that recipe with a dash of extra. You know it was made with love and leave feeling warm and full, and that’s exactly how good blues and soul music should leave you." - The Revue - Click HERE for more!
  • "Favorite new discovery in 2016" - Nashville Scene - HERE
  • Luck Reunion lineup - Rolling Stone Country - HERE
  • Featured in December 2016 playlist - Noble Nashville - HERE
Photo Credit: Mark Katsumi Kimura (K-Productions)

Photo Credit: Mark Katsumi Kimura (K-Productions)

PC: Lindsey Patkos

PC: Lindsey Patkos

Photo Credit: Jennifer Elrod ( Jenn Elrod Photography )

Photo Credit: Jennifer Elrod (Jenn Elrod Photography)